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Nick Watson
Artist Nick Watson
Genre Pop/Rock
Song Doesn't Matter
  Recorded in 2006 in my old laundry room.

Artist FearOfHatred
Genre Death Metal
Song Darkness
  This song is a re-recording of an earlier version. It is taken from the e.p. 'Unrelent (Rebirth)'.

The Nine(9) Project
Artist The Nine(9) Project
Genre Dark Industrial Metal
Song Homo-Dei
  From the upcoming album 'ANTITHESIS'

Lewis Moore
Artist Lewis Moore
Genre Folk
Song He Found Something To Love In Me
  Recorded in 2006

Artist jonLOOP
Genre Rock
Song Have you ever really dreamt?
  This song is about dreams and ambitions. As with all my songs, it was recorded on Kristal.

Gary Teed
Artist Gary Teed
Genre Folk
Song Back Home, Chains
  Both songs were done with Kristal.

Pierced Data
Artist Pierced Data
Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Song People
  2005 from the OPERATION LIBERATION e.p

Bootleggers USA
Artist Bootleggers USA
Genre Country, Hard Rock
Song Heaven and Night, etc.
  Every song was done with Kristal.

The Peppermint Androids
Artist The Peppermint Androids
Genre Electronica/Alternative Rock
Song Lying Again
  We'll be self-releasing our first CD, The Sumner EP, soon. This song will be track 5 of 6.

The Big Ventus
Artist The Big Ventus
Genre Hip Hop
Song Back In The Day's
  I've made a lot of expiremental songs with Kristal and I think this is one of the best (however this is also a demo)

Artist EL84
Genre Rock, Fusion, Blues
Song Day Dream

Matt Lampiasi
Artist Matt Lampiasi
Genre Rock
Song Glow (1.11a)
  recorded Aug 2005

Kings Road
Artist Kings Road
Genre Gospel Rock
Song A Mighty Heaven
  Truth inside yourself brings forth complete freedom.

Devon L Wilson
Artist Devon L Wilson
Genre Contemporary Christian
Song He's able
  This is an old song lost in the Christian attic. Hence I pulled it out and recorded it on Kristal.

Artist Gort
Genre Rock
Song Hard Rain
  Best song I've done yet

The JCS Project
Artist The JCS Project
Genre Rock
Song Step Out In Faith
  From the Album MIDDLE OF THE STORM, a CD that could not have been done without the KAE!

Ides of July
Artist Ides of July
Genre Rock
Song Ultra-violet, Good Enough, Everything Fades
  Thanks to Kristal I've been able to get into DAW recording at home. It really helped me find my sound.

Timmeh aka The Lolas
Artist Timmeh aka The Lolas
Genre Rock
Song The Laurie Song
  I wrote this song just to have something to record using Kristal. Laurie is my girlfriend.

Tracer Y
Artist Tracer Y
Genre Rock
Song It kristalized me
  Kristal Demo Song (2004)

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