What is KristalChorus?

KristalChorus adds some 'thickness' or 'depth' to the sound. It can be used to make an instrument sound like there are actually two instruments being played. This is done by adding a delay to the input signal, where the delay length varies over time.


Delay Specifies the minimum delay time
LFO Frequency Controls how rapidly the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) changes the delay time.
Width Controls by wich amount the total delay time changes.
The resulting total delay time will range between Delay and Delay + Width.

Example: An LFO Frequency of 2 Hz means that the total delay goes from Delay to Delay + Width and back in half a second.

Stereo Width This controls the phase between the LFOs for the two stereo channels of the delayed signal, which makes a 'wider' stereo sound for higher values.
Feedback Controls how much of the delayed signal is routed back to the input of the delay. This is typically used to create a Flanger type of effect.
Mix Controls the balance between input signal and delayed signal.
Volume Use this to adjust the total output level.

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