What is KristalMultiDelay?

KristalMultiDelay is a powerful Delay/Filter Plug-In with 10 individual channels.

Tip: You find some additional presets for this Plug-In in "<KRISTAL Audio Engine>\Presets\KristalMultiDelay".

The Channel

The Channel input

The first parameter of each channel (the little right arrow) is the input port which will feed the channel with audio data. You can choose between the Plug-In inputs or outputs, four internal channels or no input (displayed as '***').

The Delay section

  • Sync turns on host time syncing.

  • Time is the delay time in samples - or if synced, in bars.

  • Feedback determines how much of the delay buffer's output will be fed back into the delay buffer.

  • Volume controls the signal level.

The Filter section

  • Filter Type: You can choose between four filter types (or no filter) for the channel. The filter types are: Notch, Low-Pass, High-Pass and Band-Pass.

  • The X-Y Pad: The horizontal position represents the 'Cut-off' of the filter and the vertical position represents the 'Resonance'.

The Channel output

The last parameter of each channel is its output port. You can choose between the Plug-In outputs, four internal channels or no output (displayed as '***').

Wet/Dry Mix

This controls the mixing of the input signals and the delay channel signals.

Note about Routing: You can route a channel output to a channel input, but this only works from left to right.

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