1. What is KRISTAL LiveIN

The KRISTAL LiveIN Plug-In allows you to route any external sound source connected to your computer (for example, a microphone or a guitar) directly into the mixer, where it can be processed in 'real time' via VST effects Plug-Ins and the channel EQs.

The rack allows you to select up to 8 mono or stereo inputs at once. For more live channels, simply load the LiveIN Plug-In twice.

The LED on the left-hand side lights up if the incoming signal exceeds the maximum dynamical range (Clipping).

Click on the icon to toggle between mono and stereo input.

Select the input channel from the popup menu. To differentiate ASIO from MME channels, they are marked with different icons. The inputs of ASIO cards only appear if the driver is selected as Audio Output and if they are activated in Preferences.

The incoming signal can be amplified (or damped) by up to +6dB with the 'Volume' knob.

2. Connection diagram

The above image shows a simple connection diagram example for live performance and/or recording of an analog instrument.