Using VST Effects

KRISTAL supports VST effects Plug-Ins to be used as 'inserts' in each audio channel and in the master section of KRISTAL mixer.

Effects can be used to influence the sound of the recorded audio material in a song. Typical effects include e.g. Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Distortion,... etc.

VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a proprietary 'industry standard' for audio effects Plug-Ins, developed by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. There are hundreds of compatible Plug-Ins (free and commercial) available on the web. A good place to look for is e.g.

The following VST effects Plug-Ins are installed automatically with KRISTAL Audio Engine:

Installing VST Effects

To use a VST Effect with KRISTAL, it must be installed in one of the following locations:

How to use insert and master effects

Each Channel Strip in KRISTAL Mixer window contains its own independent effect section.

Click the 'No FX' field and select an effect from the list.

An editor window appears, providing controls to manipulate the effect parameters, and the effect will be activated (see below).

Some VST effects Plug-Ins provide their own 'custom' editor window. For others, KRISTAL creates a so called 'generic' editor window.

At the top of the editor window is a pop-up menu from which you can recall several effect 'programs'.

The number of programs and their settings depend on the effect you are using.