Project Management

KRISTAL stores your musical work in KRISTAL Project files (*.kristal). When starting a new project, you should create an empty folder first (e.g. in "My Documents").

Next select 'File' - 'Save As...' from the main menu bar and type in a name for the new Project file.

Audio files created by recording are stored in a 'Media' sub-directory, automatically created in the same folder as the Project file.

If the project was not saved yet, recorded audio files are stored in "My Documents\KRISTAL Media Files".

(Note: Please do not store your projects in the KRISTAL application folder, because they could be deleted by the Uninstaller!!!)

KRISTAL Project files

A KRISTAL Project file contains:

The KRISTAL Waver Plug-In allows to store Arrangement files (*.waver). Please note that Arrangement files only contain settings relevant to the KRISTAL Waver Plug-In (no Mixer and effect settings, etc.).

Moving projects ('Save to New Folder')

To move a complete project (including all recorded audio files) to a new location, use the 'Save to New Folder' feature. It can be accessed via the 'File' menu of the main menu bar.

A dialog appears where you can select the new project location and name.

Additionally, you can choose between four compression options:

  • Keep File Format: Audio files are simply copied to the new location "as is".

  • Expand Compressed Files: FLAC or Ogg Vorbis encoded audio files are decoded to Wave Files (*.wav). This option could be useful e.g. if you received a compressed project (see below).

  • Lossless Compression: Encodes all audio files using lossess compression (FLAC). The file size shrinks approximately by 2:1. (For more information on FLAC see

  • Lossy Compression: Encodes all audio files using lossy compression (Ogg Vorbis). The file size shrinks approximately by 20:1. Please note that the audio quality will be reduced during this process, depending on the 'Quality' setting! (Fore more information on Ogg Vorbis see

Compressing a project's audio files could be useful e.g. if you want to send a snapshot to a friend or co-worker via e-mail, or share your project on the web.

Project Meta information


Meta information saved with the Project file comprises

  • 'Project Title',
  • 'Author',
  • 'Description'
  • and a short 'ToDo' list.

It can be edited by selection 'File' - 'Project Information...' from the main menu bar.

Additionally, the dialog displays the project location on your harddisk and the Sample Rate.

Note: the Sample Rate can be changed in Audio Setup.