The Waver Arrangement

The Waver Arrangement is where you can work 'hands-on' with the various audio parts and folders that make up your project.

1. Info Line

The white strip at the top of the Arrangement (immediately below the Toolbar) shows various information about the currently selected object.

If no object is selected, the Info Line (unsurprisingly) displays the message 'No Object Selected'.

When an audio part is selected in a track, the part is outlined in red and the Info Line displays the following:

Folder parts provide similar information, but they do not have separate Volume settings (no Fade-In, Fade-Out, Volume).

2. Zoom Strip


The Zoom Strip is the pale blue strip immediately below the Info Line.

The blue rectangle in the Zoom strip represents the section of the Arrangement visible in the KRISTAL Waver window. Resizing the rectangle (by clicking and dragging either end of it) consequently Zooms the Arrangement view in or out.

Shrinking the blue rectangle effectively Zooms in on the Arrangement, since the whole window is then used to display a smaller section of the Arrangement. Conversely, expanding the blue rectangle effectively Zooms out, since a larger section of the Arrangement will then be shrunk to fit within the window.

3. Time Ruler

The Time Ruler is immediately below the Zoom Strip, and provides a clear visual indicator of the current time positions of objects in the Arrangement.

Left-clicking on the Time Ruler moves the playback position marker to the point where you clicked.

Right-clicking on the Time Ruler opens a context menu, from which you can choose which time units the ruler is calibrated in:

Changing the selected time units for the Time Ruler also changes the time units used in the Info Line (see above). However, changing time units in the KRISTAL Waver window does not affect the time format used in the Transport Panel; both can be set independently.

You can set the Left and Right locator by holding 'Ctrl' and clicking on the timeline ruler. Left-clicking sets the position of the Left locator, right-clicking sets the position of the Right locator.

See also Cycle Mode and Locators

4. Tracks

KRISTAL Waver is a 'multi-track' audio sequencer, allowing you to use up to 16 parallel tracks in an Arrangement.

Usually (although not necessarily), only one KRISTAL Waver Plug-In will be used in a project - in which case the 16 tracks in the Arrangement correspond directly with the 16 channels in the mixer window.

A track can accommodate mono and/or stereo audio parts. If parts over-lap, they will be 'mixed' together.

Audio parts can be added to tracks in one of two ways:

We'll see how to do both of these things in the next section, when we take a look at Track Controls...