What is KRISTAL Waver?

KRISTAL Waver is KRISTAL Audio Engine's audio sequencer Plug-In.

It provides the main workspace in which you'll do most of your recording, editing and arranging, and offers a variety of powerful tools to make your work as quick and easy as possible.

The User Interface

If you've ever worked with an audio sequencer or hard-disk recorder before, you'll probably be able to figure out the basics without any trouble.

Even if you're a newcomer, absolutely the best way to learn KRISTAL is by using it, so feel free to Minimize this browser window for now, and start playing! A lot of KRISTAL Waver's features are fairly self-explanatory - and if you do get stuck, you know where to come for help...

KRISTAL Waver's user interface can be broken down in to the following basic components:

In the course of looking at these, we'll also pause to talk about a couple of basic KRISTAL concepts: